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Pony Pregnancy Maternity


The hospitals are full and this pony needs emergency attention. Become a crazy vet doctor and perform this awesome operation. New born pony is on the way and it’s up to you to save her by playing this amazing surgery simulator game. You are the leader in this surgery team and doctors want you to lead. Use the latest surgery tools and learn what doctors feel like in an operation theatre.
Using these surgical kits is hard and you can show what kind of a doctor you are. This operation will test your skills and show what kind of a doctor you can become
Pregnancy is a hard thing to operate nowadays and you need special skills as a doctor to get yourself a chance of having to see a newborn cute pony. Play this amazing surgery game which beats all doctor games by far. Become the ultimate doctor and show your horse and pony you care.
What to do
- Pick from various patients and show what you can do- Get familiar with the medical and surgical kit - Become a real live vet doctor, who’s performing a virtual surgery simulator- This game is nothing short of reality. - Save horse and pony, show them you care- The best virtual game you would play